Uncle Rooster


Running Time: Approximately 85 minutes

Style: Political satire. The play is stylized rather than realistic.


Setting: The magical town of Lulu's Burg.



UNCLE ROOSTER - a man dressed as a rooster.

UNCLE RABBIT - a man dressed as a rabbit.

BOB - a young man dressed as a weasel.

MRS. FENNEL - a woman dressed as a chicken.

LEON - an older man dressed as a mule.

WINNY - a young woman dressed as a fox.

FAITH - a young woman dressed as a dog. 

Plot Summary: Based on the Bush torture doctrine, Uncle Rooster, through the lens of a children's fable, warns of the reality of political torture and the subsequent community erosion. After an attack on the community garden, the town must confront the reality of what happens to a community when laws are broken and individuals are held above the law. 


Production: Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY, 2017

Countdown to Zero Theatre, Denver, Colorado, 2012


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