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Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes


Style: Drama with comedic elements 



Mainly, a back alley with a fire escape and a dumpster.

A park forest.

A women’s bathroom in a convenience store.


JEREMIAH ZIMMER is a fourteen year old working class boy.

MITCHELL ZIMMER is Jeremiah’s older brother, fifteen. 

TOBIAS MILKO  is a twenty-two year old working class man in the neighborhood. 

TODD MILKO is Tobias’ younger half brother, twenty.

LIZ (offstage voice) female, 40, cashier at Lord’s Convenience Store, Todd’s girlfriend.


Plot Summary: Jeremiah’s brother, Mitchell, steals a gun which slowly and radically transforms the teenage brothers from innocent school boys into gunmen.  The stolen gun is owned by a local gangster, which puts the lives of Jeremiah and Mitchell into jeopardy.  They frantically try to get rid of gun, before the gangster discovers who stole the gun, by convincing older brothers Tobias and Todd to rent the gun from them.  When Todd and Tobias discover the truth, all hell breaks loose with lives at stake.  The adage that guns don’t kill but people do doesn’t take into account that a gun can transform a teenager into someone he wouldn't have been but for the gun.

Production: Benchmark Theatre, Denver, Colorado, 2023


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