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Paula's Visit


Running Time: Approximately 15 minutes

Style: Black Comedy

Setting: A psychiatrist's office.


DR. WORRAL - An older woman in her 50s or 60s. She is a psychiatrist, and as befits her profession, she is distinguished-looking and her nature is one of restraint.
PAULA - A patient in her late 20s. Not only do words come nimbly out of her mouth, but she is also light on her feet.

Plot Summary: A troubled patient interacts with her her even more troubled psychiatrist in this comedy.

Published in 
The Best Stage Scenes of 1999 (Smith and Kraus, 2001)

Genoa’s Mother Presents, Denver, CO, 1999
Buckham Alley Theatre, Flint, MI, 1999
Industrial Arts Theatre, Denver, CO, 1997

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