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The Two-Day Moth


Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Style: Seriocomedy 

Setting: The play takes place on the outside and
inside of the BMOG Art Museum. The setting is strictly representational; the use of platforms is highly recommended. Props and furnishings, unless indicated, are minimal.


Multiple casting is possible except for Carmel.

CARMEL, a woman in her twenties who is an artist and a piece of art.  She is tall with dark hair.

KT, a robust male in his forties. A museum guard & interrogator.

SAMSA DELAROSA, a tall woman in her late thirties. Older half-sister to Carmel.

RICHARD TERRIER, a Jack Russel energy man in his sixties. Art patron.

RITCHIE, a slight, mustached man in his fifties. A museum guard.

FREDERICKA, an attractive woman in her twenties who dresses with dramatic flourishes. A ticket seller & gallery student-interpreter.

RYKER, a male in his thirties. Carmel’s boyfriend.

BILLY, a female in her thirties. Art patron.

BENNY, a male in his thirties. Art patron.

Plot Summary: The play explores the humanity of the visual artist, Carmel, who is both conflicted and soothed by the effects of museum critics and family as she completes a painting.


Production: One Night Stand Theater, staged reading, Denver, CO, 2010


For script information, please contact One Act Play Depot:


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Please note that all dialogue is under United States Copyright protection.

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