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Liver for Dinner

Short Play

Running Time: 10 minutes

Style: Black comedy. The play is stylized rather than realistic.

Setting: A kitchen that is simple and symbolic.

FRANK - a man, in his 30s; Gabby's husband.
GABBY - a woman, 30s; Frank's wife.

COUSIN SAMATHA - a woman, late 20s to early 30s; Gabby's cousin.

Synopsis A comedy that satirizes a couple in the kitchen who use liver and onions as a flirtatious marital glue, while they attempt to keep the dinner menu a secret from the curious Cousin Samatha. The play demonstrates the impact of how something is said.

Published in 
Triple A-Side (One Act Play Depot, 2003)


One Night Stand Theater, Denver, Colorado, 2010
The Changing Scene, Denver, Colorado, 1996


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