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No Longer a Maiden

Short Play

Running Time: 10 minutes

Style: Black comedy

Setting: A psychic’s parlor. The parlor is in a room in the home of Madam Saboon. There is a table with two chairs on either side. On the table are various psychic implements, including a deck of Tarot cards. There is a small pillow on the table. Leaning against a wall is a walking stick. 

MADAM SABOON - an ageless and all-knowing woman.
DARLA - a young woman wearing a dress and carrying a purse.

Plot Summary: A young woman visits the all-seeing and all-knowing Madam Saboon for advice on finding the perfect serving dish for her spicy ground beef. This dark comedy twists and upends the typical psychic and customer encounter.

Published in 
Ah, Here Comes Godot Now (One Act Play Depot, 2005)


Productions: StoneCoast Review, Issue 13 (superstition), 2020
Sketches! Somerset Community College, Somerset, KY, 2012

North Park Playwrights Festival, San Diego, CA, 2011One Night Stand Theater, Denver, Colorado, 2011
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, 2009


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