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Santa Tells a Story

Short Play

Running Time: 10 minutes

Style: Black comedy

Setting: A laundromat on Christmas Eve.


ROB - a man in his 20s dressed casually in winter clothes.

Synopsis: The comedy involves a garrulous, repetitive Santa Claus and a hapless man, Rob, who becomes Santa's captive audience. The piece is set in a laundromat, but for poor Rob, it might as well be in Hell.

Published in 
Winner on the Dark Side: Three Short Plays (One Act Play Depot, 2002)


NY Artists Unlimited, NY, NY, 2009
Dividing Line Productions, Denver , CO, 2008
Channel 7 Performing Arts Festival, Denver, CO 1998
The Changing Scene, Denver, CO, 1997
Comedy Helper, Denver, CO, 1996


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