Riot Confidential


Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes

Style: Black Comedy/Drama


Setting: Not a realistic play. Use light, projections, and sound to help depict the different locations and times.
The present: In a downtown Denver novelty shop, Wizard’s Emporium, with costumes, magic gear, and gag gifts.
Hallucinations: In a studio apartment in Julesburg, Colorado.
Memories: Use no specific settings to depict the memories other than light and sound.



CHRIS - male, mid-twenties, welder from the Western Slope of Colorado.
LAUREL: female, twenty-four, from Julesburg, Colorado.
RAY: male, mid-forties, rancher outside of Julesburg, uncle to Laurel.
PRICE: male, late forties, rancher outside of Julesburg, uncle to Laurel.
SMOKEY: male, forties, shaved head, ripped, charismatic leader of a movement.
IDA: female, forties, dry cleaning attendant in Julesburg, mom to Laurel.


The playwright encourages nontraditional casting.

Plot Summary: Trapped in a riot damaged store in Denver, Laurel meets the charismatic leader behind the riots, Smokey. Hunted by his enemies, Smokey is forced to remain in the store while Laurel opens up a world of places and people that Smokey can only preach about. 


Production: Theater 29, a workshop production, Denver, CO, 2018


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Please note that all dialogue is under United States Copyright protection.

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