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Tami Canaday



Experimental Theater Writing Workshop Presentations

Wednesday, November 9

7:00–9:15 p.m. EST


Purchase Tickets: $5.00

I applied to this workshop for female or female identifying writers for experimental playwriting, which truly is a thing. A thing I’ve been interested in since I was a company member of Denver’s LIDA Project. So, I guess, it’s more than a thing for me. I was accepted along with three other playwrights—all of us stationed like flexible sentries (‘cause we’re experimental) across the country.

We worked with the immensely talented Suzanne Willet, an amazing playwright & person, and her cadre of highly articulate New York actors.


I’m proud of the work I’ve developed in our final class presentation. I hope you’ll take a peek.


Tami's play 

No Longer a Maiden is published in Stonecoast Review Literary Journal, Issue 13.

Mrs.Green, a comedic podcast play, can be found at

Jakespeare Virtual

Theatre Company

and on Spotify.



The full effect [of Uncle Rooster], like a children's story gone horribly wrong, is a dystopic cartoon world where things don't quite fit together, where value and morality reveal intrinsic dissonances, and any possibility of a peaceful, just resolution disappears.


On press night, the crowd favorite seemed 
to be Tami Canaday's 'Liver for Dinner,' a surreal play that demonstrates the impact of how something is said. It is intriguing.


 'Santa' [Tells a Story] is an amusing glimpse 
at an unsettling urban experience.




Tami Canaday has written over forty-five stage plays that have been performed in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. Her literary work has been featured in The Best Stage Scenes, The Best Women’s Stage Monologues, The Good Ear Review, Young Women’s Monologues from Contemporary Plays, Singular Voices, and Stonecoast Review among others.     

Tami’s plays have been the official selections for the Athena Project, the Western Playwrights Showcase, Boulder Acting Group, Sonoma County Repertory Theatre’s New Drama Works, New York International Fringe Festival, and the Colorado Women’s Playwright Festival. Her plays have been performed in theatres including the Left Theatre, the Changing Scene, the Luminous Group Theatre,  Buckham Alley Theatre, Source Theatre Company, Brick Theatre, and the Producer’s Club in New York City. She was dramaturg and contributing writer for Bingo Boyz: Columbine, which received the Denver Post’s Ovation Award for best new work. Count Down to Zero Theatre in Denver commissioned and produced the play Uncle Rooster 
in Denver and New York.

Tami graduated from the University of Nebraska with degrees in English and History. She has a Master of Arts in History from Colorado State University. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

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